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MevaLite is the light weight, hand-set sister system to the heavy-duty Imperial wall system. This high-quality, light-weight clamp formwork system is built for fast, crane independent operations. Panels weigh under 5 pounds per sq ft, MevaLite can be either handset or ganged in large sections and set with a crane. The system connects with minimal hardware and can by
assembled in horizontal and vertical positions within the same gang offering maximum flexibility.


  • Available in 9’, 6’, 4’ and 3’ heights

  • Panel widths from 6” to 3’ in 6” increments

  • 1", 2" & 3" wide aluminum filler

  • High load capacity: 1,350 psf

  • Closed profile fame and cross members provide easy-grip when handling formwork

  • Multi-function profile allows quick accessory attachment such as rails, walkways and braces

  • All-Plastic Alkus facing offers high durability with premium finish




Modular Clamp Formwork System:   MEVA is strong, unique and fast to assemble.  It is a crane dependent, modular systems that can be applied in horizontal and vertical position.  MEVA takes a concrete pressure up to 2,025 psf, and the panels are sized in true Imperial dimensions (ft-in).


  • Modular panel sizes

    • 12’, 8’, 4’, 2’  Tall

    • 8’, 4’, 3’-6”, 3’, 2’-6”, 2’, 1’-6”, 1’   Wide

    • 1”, 2” and 3”   Fillers

  • Clamps offer five point alignment, keeping the panels square and plumb

  • Taper ties or she-bolts spaced at 4’ x 4’ pattern

  • Accessories attach to the back of the panels - fast and simple

  • Plastic alkus facing




SureBuilt Logo.png

Concrete tanks and curved walls quickly take shape with the SureCurve™ forming system.

The SureCurve Radius system is an ‘On-Demand’ radius formwork system.  With the aid a simple plywood jig, the radius is applied at the jobsite by adjusting a series of turnbuckles that flex the form the desired radius. 


  • Panels are connected with lever-activated clamps to create large gangs and lifted into place.

  • Pre-determined tie locations for a

  • Utilizes high capacity taper ties or she-bolt

  • 3 Modular pane sizes:

    • 8’ wide x 8’ high

    • 8’ wide x 4’ high

    • 8’ wide by 2’ high

  • Accessories attach to the back of the panel – fast and simple

  • ¾” birch plywood facing




Aluminum Gang Forming System:    


  • Aluminum beams and strongbacks available in many sizes

  • Minimum number of ties - taper ties or she-bolts at up to 40 SF per tie

  • Lightweight gangs  - 10 PSF

  • Wide variety of accessories

  • Radius wall forming with adjustable radius walers

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