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Modular Aluminum Shoring System:   TITAN is a high capacity, yet lightweight support system.  The shoring is especially suited for tall and heavy applications.  TITAN is rated at 20,000 lbs (100kN) per leg. 


•Modular components:  Legs, ledgers and screw jacks

•Leg heights:        1’-8”, 3’-3”, 5’-3”, 7’-0”, 9’-3”

•Ledger widths:    2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’ and 10’

•4’ long screw jacks provide an exceptional amount of adjustment




Modular Steel Frame Shoring Systems:   Provides support using standard accessories.   A wide variety of frame, brace and jack sizes to adapt to any job.   


  • 6M Standard Frame Shoring                     5,500 lb per leg

  • 10M Heavy Duty Frame Shoring             9,000 lb per leg

  • 15M Extra Duty Frame Shoring               15,000 lb per leg 

  • Brace sizes from 2’-6”  to  10’

  • ”Beaver tail” braces lock into the frame for more stability

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