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MevaLite formwork system joins the Advance Shoring rental fleet

Advance Shoring is excited to announce the addition of the MevaLite formwork system to their rental fleet. The MevaLite system is a high-quality, light-weight clamp system for fast, crane independent project. Often referred to as the little brother to the Meva Imperial system that Advance already has, the MevaLite system is constructed of an all-aluminum frame with the same 100% wood-free Alkus face providing extreme light weight and durability.

The MevaLite system has a high load rating of 1,350 psf that utilizes load gathering taper ties along with simple lightweight clamps for quick panel connections. The panels are available in 24 sizes plus 1”, 2” and 3” aluminum fillers, all in imperial (foot & inch) dimensions. The largest panel measures 3’ wide by 9’ high and weighs only 136 pounds. Similar to the Imperial system, the MevaLite panels are symmetrical and do not have a designated top or bottom and utilize a lot of the same hardware on the back of the panels.

“We are extremely excited to add the MevaLite formwork system to our rental fleet. This will allow us to better serve our customers by providing the right tool for the job and steering away from old methods and technologies. As the labor market tightens, traditional methods are often labor intensive and quickly become cost ineffective. We believe that MevaLite will allow our customers to be more productive by giving them the flexibility to either handset or gang-form their project without switching systems.” – Jerrod Yeager, Sales Manager

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