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Quaker Oats Flood Wall – Cedar Rapids, IA

While the capabilities of the forming and shoring systems that Advance Shoring provides are market leading, the decades of experience in our design group is second to none.

The contractor had previously purchased as set of Meva Imperial formwork from Advance Shoring and has been using it with great success for a number of years. They recently contacted us to help with a formwork layout for a unique application on flood wall project in Cedar Rapids, IA. Due to architectural form liner pattern, the contractor wanted the tie system layout to not penetrate the form liner, eliminating the need to patch holes to match the pattern, while still utilizing the formwork material that they already owned.

Our design team at Advance Shoring was able to come up with a solution by adding a large steel beam waler on the back of the panel to safely transfer the tie loads without penetrating the form liner area. The result was a fantastic looking wall without patching tie holes to match the liner.

From the complex to the routine, let our design team put our formwork and shoring experience to work for you on your next project!

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