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Mill Street Municipal Parking Ramp

The Advance Shoring Company worked with Contractor, Adolfson & Peterson Construction, on the Mill Street Municipal Parking ramp located in Wayzata, MN. This project addressed the busy downtown’s need for parking by adding an additional 385 public parking stalls. This complicated project was constructed on a very tight time frame on an even tighter job site. With space in the downtown area already at a premium, the project was designed to be cut into the bluff behind the busy Lake Street that overlooks Lake Minnetonka.

Adolfson & Peterson Construction out of Minneapolis worked together with Veit Companies to install the earth retention system that would become the back wall of the parking structure. A&P elected to form the single sided wall using the Aluma Beam Gang system designed and supplied by Advance Shoring. The flexibility of the Aluma Gangs allowed the contractor to overcome several forming challenges in addition to providing a Class A wall finish. By constructing (2) large gangs, measuring 50’ wide by 25’ high, the contractor was able to weld a load gathering tie directly to the earth retention system which significantly reduced the number of wall ties which in turn reduced the amount of waterproofing and patching needed. To accommodate lifting the massive gangs, the contractor worked with Advance Shoring to develop custom rigging comprised of standard rental components. Meva Imperial wall panels were used on the end walls where the top of wall sloped downward and at the corners for easy connection to the Aluma gangs.

The project consisted of a 28’ high by 450’ long single-sided retaining wall poured against the earth retention system that consists of 390 Tie Back Anchors dubbing the project ‘The Great Wall of Wayzata’.


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