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Advance owns and maintains a very large fleet of rack and pinion Champion Hoist that were all manufactured here in the USA.


The secret to successful Hoist job is the planning. We meet with you, assess all of the challenges, and then provide you with detailed plans and options.


Our service includes developing a detailed erection and dismantle plan that meets today’s stringent safety requirements. Advance handles almost everything involved with the erection and dismantle of the Hoist. This includes trucking, ironworking crews, mobile crane, and Hoist technicians. The Contractor is responsible for the concrete base pad, power supply, and providing the Hoist Operator.   At the end of the erection process, we will drop-test and certify that the Hoist is ready for your use. Our technicians will also perform all quarterly inspections and drop tests as required.


Champion Hoists

  • Single Car Hoists, “right handed” or “left handed”

  • Twin Car Hoists, two cars that run on one common tower

  • Side-Loader Hoists, cars have a 7’ wide third door mounted in the center of the wall.  Perfect for placing a hoist in a tight alley or sidewalk with limited street space


Travel speed         Standard 150 feet per minute, or a high-speed 150/300 feet per minute

Load Capacity      6,000# or 30 workers

Car Sizes               4’–8” wide x 7’–2” high

Lengths 12’–4”, 10’–2” and 8’–0” (and more)


Service Technicians

Hoist “Up Time” is essential. Our service technicians are well trained, and are locally based.  We are just a quick phone call away. 


Replacement Parts

Advance stocks a large inventory of replacement parts for our entire fleet, allowing us to fix many issues quickly, minimizing downtime.


Wall Ties

Champion wall ties are adjustable in length and angle, and Advance has developed a myriad of adapters and brackets. Champion’s adjustability and Advance’s years of experience, allows us to solve even the most difficult hoisting projects.



  • Floor landing extensions in varying lengths

  • Floor landing gates

  • Hoist Car heaters (480v)

  • Wireless Hoist-Call systems with radios for the operator


Our highly experienced team has over 40 years of experience developing specialty use applications to solve even the most difficult challenges that your jobsite might present.

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